16 rolls
Total Time to Complete Recipe: See Tips & Tricks
Special Equipment Needed: Baking Sheet, Rolling Pin & Pastry Brush

Whenever I make BBQ Pulled Pork I have a bit of leftovers.  And while it freezes great, I've always wished I had something else I could do with it.  So this time around I attempted a concept that's been quite successful in the past and voila!  LOVED it.  (It kind of reminds me of a baked Hum Bow).  And how easy?  If you've already got your pork, all you need is dough (and you can always use your favorite frozen kind if you're feeling completely lazy), and there you have it. 

I think this will be something I toy with a lot in the future.  Imagine all the possibilities! (mwuah ah ah)  Stay tuned for more recipes like this with some really fun fillings.  (My mind is already racing...)

  • I had a hard time indicating how much time you'd need for this recipe.   It totally depends on where you start in the process.  If you don't have pulled pork and you're making it from the get-go, you'll need 6 - 8 hrs. If you are making dough from scratch, you'll need a couple hours.  If you're getting it frozen from the store (such as Rhodes Rolls), you'll need half the day to let it sit and rise on the counter.  So really, as you can see, it just depends. 
  • Any favorite yeast dough would work here.  One of my favorites, and the one I used here, is the Basic Roll Dough originally found in the old Better Homes & Garden cookbook (the new ones don't have it).  I use it in my Pizza Loaf and when making Scones.  Another favorite, and perhaps one I'll use next time (it's a bit softer and sweeter... but I think it would work fine) is the dough in the Croissant (Shaped) Rolls
  • I got about 8 rolls per large cooking sheet.  You might be able to fit more, just make sure to leave a couple inches between each one for the rising dough.


    1 Batch yeast dough, risen double it's normal size
    2+ Cups Leftover BBQ Pulled Pork
    1+ Cup Shredded Mizithra Cheese (optional)
    1 Egg White


  • Pre-heat oven to 350 F.  Spray baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray and set aside.
  • Split dough in half, then in half again, and continue to divide into halves until you have 16 equal-sized parcels of dough (probably about the size of golf-balls). 
  • Flour working surface and rolling pin lightly.  Roll ball of dough, one at a time, into a circle about 1/8" thick. 
  • Place approximately 1 Tbs Cheese (if using) in center of rolled dough, then top with 2 Tbs pulled pork.
  • Fold opposite sides of dough up and over filling.  Then fold remaining two opposite sides.  Pinch dough together to secure folds.  If needed, wet under the edge of the sides to help seal when pinching.
  • Place stuffed buns, folded/pinched side down, on greased baking sheet.
  • Whisk egg white lightly in a small bowl.  Brush egg white on top of each bun. 
  • Bake at 350 F for 20 - 25 minutes or until golden.


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  • 7/6/2010 6:18 AM Bethany wrote:
    Great idea! I used to do this with biscuit dough all the time but I never thought to try a bread dough. I will have to try it. Some ideas of what we used to do:

    -Pepperoni, sauce, cheese
    -Meat and Marinara sauce, mozzarella, brush tops with butter and garlic powder
    -Sausage Gravy (this was particularily good inside biscuit dough - don't know how it'd work with bread)
    - Taco Meat, and Cheddar Cheese
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  • 7/6/2010 2:51 PM Shanan wrote:
    So fun!  Your comment makes me want to wake up and make a batch of dough every morning... and then just change up the stuffings.  I love all your ideas.  I think I might have to do the pizza ones next.  The hubby will love me.
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